Originally from Colorado, Stacie Birky Greene earned degrees in Art and Art History from the University of Kentucky, and pursued other studies in Florence, Italy and the Art Institute of Chicago. She recently presented “Archive,” a large solo show at the Point Loma Library. Her installations include “Junk Mail Takes Flight,” at Art Produce, featuring 1000 origami cranes made from junk mail, and a large mosaic mural at a Lemon Grove school. Her work has appeared in galleries and festivals across the country and internationally. Stacie is a member of FIG and has taught art to children and adults in San Diego since 1998. Website

Artist Statement

My muse has always been nature. For me it is the embodiment of both power and fragility. At the core, my art has always explored nature and man’s relationship to it. This has led me to my current project exploring endangered birds and more recently birds who have become extinct in my lifetime. The impetus for this project came from listening to an NPR “The World” story called “In Punjab, Crowding Onto The Cancer Train”, by Daniel Zwerdling, May, 2009. The story centers around the Indian farm town of Bathinda. In post Green Revolution there has been a large increase of villagers getting cancer. The first sign of trouble was in the 1980s and ‘90s, the Peacocks were disappearing from the fields. The excessive use of pesticides was killing the Peacocks and causing cancer in the population. This story started my project of researching endangered birds. I wanted to highlight how were are connected and the loss of these species is not only a loss of a beautiful creature, but also has further implications. The endangered birds I am drawing on paper made from our junk-mail. When I began the extinct series I decided to draw them on reclaimed wood rectangles that are fragmented. Both surfaces reflecting one of the main causes of endangerment and extinction; loss of habitat and consumerism.